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Brown Spots and Freckles Removal Dubai

Brown spots and skin discolorations are common signs of aging. As we age our skin ages as well, we lose vital compounds such as collagen and elastin; effecting both the tone and texture of the skin. Brown discolorations can appear on those with both fare skin as well as those with darker skin. Freckles on the other hand generally appear on those with farer skin, regardless of age and health of skin.

How to Get Rid of Freckles :

Freckles. Some people love them. Some people hate them. They have been both adored and shunned in the fashion industry with some viewing peppered skin with exotic appeal and others seeing freckles as a mar that flaws the skin.

For those who love their freckles, more power to you. We think you’re beautiful! To those who hate them and want to know how to get rid of freckles the fastest, most effective way possible, Cosmocare Medical Center in Dubai is here to help.

freckles removal in dubai

Despite the differences, both brown discolorations and freckles are caused by the concentration of color pigmentation and hyperpigmentation on the skin’s surface.

Hyperpigmentation and Causes
Melanin is a compound that gives our skin and hair its color. Our skin cells produce melanin pigments and send it to the outer layers of our skin. UV rays from the sun activate melanin, so these pigments can protect the skin from overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. This causes the skin to become darker, and spots to become darker.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by excessive pigmentation being deposited along the skin, creating patches of dark colored skin. Both freckles and brown spots are examples of hyperpigmentation.

Treating Hyperpigmentation with Lasers
Laser hyperpigmentation removal treatments offer an improvement in skin tone and increased collagen production. This boost in collagen production not only helps the skin remove these discolorations and freckles but also creates brand new skin cells that are smoother and more supple than the former skin.

Lasers use high-energy beams to penetrate the skin’s surface and at short or long intervals, uses that energy to remove the skin’s outer layer of dead, dull skin cells. By producing collagen, the lasers create brand new skin cells that take the place of the discolored skin area. Modern laser technology also removes scars and other blemishes, with little to no side effects or downtime.

Side Effects
Laser skin resurfacing for hyperpigmentation has little to no side effects. However, some patients may experience light swelling and light redness. This will generally disappear within a day or two and your skin will improve within the following days to weeks. The skin will be left free of discolorations, and be more smooth, and supple than it’s ever been.

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Freckles or Brown Spots Removal Treatment

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