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Warts Removal Dubai (Laser Treatment)

One of the most frequent treatments requested in the Cosmomcare Medical Center is the removal of age warts (senile warts) in Dubai. These are genetically determined. The medical name for these warts / lesions is seborrhoeic keratoses. They vary tremendously in their appearance, from pale pink warty lesions to flat or raised darker warty lesions. They are most common on the face and torso. Many people find these lesions embarrassing. A new laser treatment is now available which offers an effective solution for their removal, leaving the area smooth and blemish free.

Warts Removal Dubai (Laser Treatment)

How do these treatments works?

There are a number of lasers used in this treatment depending on the colour, size and thickness of the lesion. It is necessary to tailor the treatment to each individual and your doctor will discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

What does the treatment involve?

The type of treatment involved depends on the extent and type of lesion. Usually one to two treatments is required for each lesion. Your doctor will tell you the best course of treatment and the results you can achieve prior to your treatment.

Dr Murtuza is skilled and experienced in these procedures and are available for consultation to discuss your requirements or concerns. For an initial consultation, please contact the clinic on 04 379 8747.

Mole removal on Face

mole removal on face in dubai