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Mole Removal Dubai (Laser Treatment)

Removal of cosmetic moles, skin tags and other benign skin growths.

Always consider the option of contacting a professional doctor to book an appointment at Cosmocare mole removal Dubai clinic. Treatment options at our clinic is included: cosmetic mole removal, mole removal surgery and laser mole removal.

Dubai Mole Removal Treatment Solutions

Treatment solutions for removing face moles, body moles, neck moles, shoulder moles, arm moles, leg moles, foot moles, hand moles.

Moles On Body:

Sometimes the body can act as a host to several clusters of moles. Sometimes, you only have a few body moles. Removing moles from the body is always an easier job than removing a mole from the face.

mole removal on body and back in dubai

Moles On Face:

Many people have facial moles that they would like to have removed. When having a mole removed from your face, the risk of additional disfigurement is always there. This is why many people use a home mole removal cream instead of surgery.

mole removal on face in dubai

Moles On Neck:

mole removal on neck in dubai

Mole Assessment For Mole Removal In Dubai

Before you start any treatment for removing moles, you need to assess your mole using the popular ABCD approach:

  1. The A is for asymmetrical. If it cannot be divided into two halves it is advisable you have it looked at by a doctor.
  2. The B is for borders. Most moles usually have regular borders and one can see where it begins and ends. If it has irregular borders you should have it looked at by a doctor.
  3. The C is for color. Moles have various colors, if it has one color then it is fine but if it has more than one color you ought to have it checked by a medical practitioner.
  4. The last one is D which is for dimension. If the mole’s size is bigger than a pencil eraser’s end, then you ought to have it checked.

Many who suffer both physically and emotionaly need to know how to get rid of moles as fast as they can, because they don’t have the time to visit a doctor and additional sick days for healing times and scars.

Luckily, there are alternatives for removing moles that work just as good, if not better than surgery at Dubai mole removal clinic. Lets explore those solutions further.

Mole Removal Dubai

You will find there are a few pros and cons when it comes to mole removal Dubai treatment solutions. Keep in mind, these mole removal facts are valid around the world. Here are some of the most popular.

We suggest that those afraid of surgical procudures use a quality Mole removal cream for the best overall results and, much faster than other treatments. As well, cream for removing moles can be much cheaper than having it done in a Dubai mole removal center.

Mole Removal Surgery:

Readily available are alternative at home mole removal treatments such as: mole removal kits, mole removal cream or natural mole removal remedies. Although most of the homiopathic and natural rememdies for removing moles at home using organic ingredients can sometimes work for smaller skin tags.

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Dr Murtuza is skilled and experienced in these procedures and are available for consultation to discuss your requirements or concerns. For an initial consultation, please contact the clinic on 04 379 8747.